‘Social Darts’ is an experience which brings you and your friends together for unexpected, ridiculous, joy.

Flight Club have reinvented darts for the twenty first century, developing a range of fast and exciting multi-player games, built to bring people together and designed to keep you unexpectedly hooked, insatiably entertained and full of joy. Whether you’re an expert darts sniper or a total beginner, everyone has a chance to win when they step up to one of the multiple throw lines.

Priding themselves on making your experience effortlessly develop around you. From bespoke cocktails to delicious sharing boards and ridiculously tasty pizzas, the Flight Club Family will always be on hand to keep the fun (and the drinks) flowing.

In 2012 Co-Founders, Steve Moore and Paul Barham, were catching up in a Devon pub where a young crowd were going crazy over a game on the dartboard in the corner. This wasn’t like traditional darts, it was loud, fast and exciting – and they saw an opportunity.

Forever on the hunt for new and exciting experiences to share with their friends, Flight Club gave them the chance to combine the warmth and community of the traditional British pubs that they loved with the high energy of Social Darts.

But how do you begin to get a business like this off the ground – especially with no experience in the hospitality or technology industries which it will straddle?

They surrounded themselves with people who knew what they didn’t. From the technology to the fundraising - they forged relationships with the most impressive people they could find, called in favours and roped in old school buddies. As well as giving their money, their friends were generous with their time too. Over 200 of them threw 1 million test darts. It’s thanks to them, our first customers, that Flight Club was transformed from an experience which only existed in Steve’s garden shed, to beautiful venues, packed with hundreds of customers having the time of their lives.

Our customers are still at the core of who we are. It’s thanks to this passionate community our journey continues – with more spectacular venues filled with guests going wild around the dartboard, making incredible memories with their friends.


Ship Canal House, 98 King Street, Manchester M2 4WU, UK

Open hours today: 11:30 - 22:00
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    11:30 - 22:00

  • 3 August 2021 04:28 local time

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