Situated in the heart of the Northern Quarter since 2004,  Fan Boy Three is one part Friendly Local Game Store, one part boardgame cafe and one part award winning Organised Play centre.

But now you don't have to actually be in Manchester to visit. You can browse online like you would in store, check out the new releases, buy event tickets, join groups, chat to mates and make new ones.

And, you know, buy stuff.

Shop at Fan Boy Three
Whether you are a boardgamer, a cardgamer, a roleplayer, a miniatures player, or you just love games and you don't care about categories, we've got games for you.

And when you buy three or more non-sale boardgames or boardgame expansions from our webstore, we'll give you 10% off those boardgames at checkout!

Play at Fan Boy Three
From Magic: the Gathering to Warhammer, Dungeons and Dragons and dozens more games we have Facebook groups to connect with players and regular in store activities.

We run more events than any other store, so something is always going on. And if you have never played before, we run lots of learn to play sessions and demos too.

Book at Fan Boy Three
Why not book a table at Fan Boy Three for you and your friends to meet up and play one of the hundreds of boardgames in our library?

Our Fan Boy Tea cafe serves drinks, snacks and sandwiches, and we'll even give you your table fee back as money off any boardgames you buy that day!


Find out why they were voted UK's favourite boardgame store 2019 by UK Boardgaming Trading and Chat



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