About the charity

Coram Voice Children’s Charity is an organisation which strives to support, advise and encourage care experienced children and young people across the UK.

We are currently looking for someone who has the compassion and time to devote to a young person in care. Once a month/ every other month visits in the Manchester area. All expenses covered.

As a volunteer with us, you are carefully matched with a young person, to form a mentor/ role model like relationship (outside of the family, foster or care home setting). Meeting your young person roughly once/ bi monthly, to take them out, visit local places, do something fun, that they enjoy. All expenses are funded by our Charity.

Activities will depend on the age and interests of the child but could include things like a walk, playing in the park, swimming, a visit to a museum, a adventure or theme park, bike riding, sports etc.  This is a long-term, one to one commitment, where you and the young person benefit from forming a genuine relationship.

Volunteers must be over 18 and are welcome from all backgrounds. Full training and ongoing support will be given, and out of pocket expenses paid for mileage and activities. Volunteers will be subject to enhanced police checks.


How you can help

By offering a few hours every month/ few weeks, to do something fun with a young person (up to 18) or child who might not otherwise get the opportunity.

Between you and your young person you decide when and where- so you have total flexibility in when you offer your time.

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