Liam Gallagher lit up social media over the weekend with a series of handwashing videos that saw him put a soapy twist on some of Oasis’ most famous hits.

Reworking well-known tunes Wonderwall, Supersonic and Champagne Supernova, the Manchester rock and roller appealed to fans to “wash your hands you dirty f***ers” in video clips shared to Twitter over the weekend.

He appeared singing the iconic tunes – renamed Wonderwash, Soapersonic and Champagne Soapernova – in a bid encourage people to wash their hands properly during the coronavirus pandemic.

Reworking the lyrics to suit the times, his rendition of Wonderwall saw him sing: “Today’s gonna be the day that they’re gonna throw it back to you/ By now you should have somehow realised what you’ve got to do/ Wash your hands, scrubs your toes/ Scratch your arse and pick your nose/ C’mon, you know.”

Introducing Supersonic with ‘if you know the words, wash along’ Liam sang: “I need to be myself/ I can’t be no one else/ I’m feeling soapersonic/ Give me gin and tonic/ You can have it all but how much do you want it/ Wash your hands you little fuckers.”

He also put up a reworking of his solo record For What It’s Worth, renaming it For Wash It’s Worth, and dedicated the performance to co-writer and fellow Manc musician Simon Aldred (aka Cherry Ghost) adding “love you Rasta”.

The Manchester musician also appealed to his brother Noel last week to consider getting the band back together for a one-off charity concert, having famously split in 2009 after Noel walked out.

He has also joked the pair have been “self-isolating” for the past decade in an attempt to make light of their estranged relationship and comfort others.

He’s certainly struck a chord with fans, with the videos shared more than 80,000 times online so far.

If you’re sick of singing happy birthday to yourself (and we assume you are), give one of these ago instead. Just remember, you might need to repeat some lyrics to hit that 20-second mark. As you were.

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