Is there anything better than getting the best out of one of Manchester’s great takeaways? We don’t think so.

When going out or cooking is not on the menu, a takeaway is everyone’s favourite. That is especially the case if it’s delivered direct to your door.

And just to make sure that your next takeaway ticks all the right boxes, JUST EAT have come up with a clever campaign to identify the best food in your neighbourhood. It’s a way to make sure that you get maximum satisfaction from your soon-to-be-savoured takeaway treat.

They call it Tried & Tasted and that pretty much sums it up. JUST EAT have hoovered up all the reviews that their millions of loyal users have left in order to deliver definitive lists of the nation’s favourite food outlets.

JUST EAT are sharing the restaurants that have earned 100 or more reviews at the level of 4.5 stars or above. That’s all there is to it. They’ve done the trying and you get the tasting – perfect!

Check out the Tried & Tasted list and make sure you get nothing less than one of best takeaways in Manchester – everyone else is!

The way it works is as simple as everything else that JUST EAT do. Don’t you just love it when someone makes life simple?

The whole point about a takeaway is that it is there to take the stress out of life (as well as to make it tasty). That’s exactly what Tried & Tasted does. JUST EAT do all the hard work so you don’t have to.

All you have to do is kick back, check out the list and help yourself to some of the tastiest treats that Manchester has to offer. And it also works in other cities. That is always a bonus if you’re not familiar with the neighbourhood.

A takeaway is always a good option. With JUST EAT you can guarantee to make it great!

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