Joshua Brooks, on the corner of Charles and Princess Street (opposite 5th Ave), began life in 1993, and was quickly established as one of Manchester’s prime nightspots. This is when the Chemical Brothers (then known as Dust Brothers) began their first residency at the club, and have gone on to become global superstars.

The last few years have seen a lot of change at the venue, having had a complete refurb and brand new soundsystem installed as well as a whole host of clubnights joining, meaning there will be something on every night of the week, catering for all musical tastes.

Joshua Brooks has a rustic, cosy feel and delightfully large, soft sofas. The room downstairs provides an intimate space for bands to do their thing, and the club nights are hugely varied. Copious amounts of upcoming and established DJs and bands have since played within the basement’s bricked walls.

While it still maintains the student vibe being quite cheap and located opposite 5th Avenue, it’s not just a student dive. The decor makes it a little more upmarket so you can wear clothes that you don’t want to ruin! It’s also a little more upmarket in terms of the wine list, much better than normal student clubs.

Joshua Brooks is the current ‘Best Venue’ in the Manchester Evening News and have also been nominated as ‘Best Small Club’ in DJmag in the last few years.

Incase you were wondering, the name “Joshua Brooks” derives from a Victorian novel called The Manchester Man, written by Isobella Banks in 1876.


106 Princess Street (opposite 5th Ave)
Manchester M1 6NG


0161 273 7336

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