Office blues can get you down. By the time Wednesday comes around, everyone is already anxiously anticipating the weekend.

But hump day doesn’t always have to be a sad day. Why not make it an excuse to go out with your friends? Celebrate the weekend getting closer with the brand new happy hump day offer at Gusto.

This authentic Italian restaurant Gusto prides itself on creating brilliant tasting cuisine from the freshest ingredients Manchester has to offer.

And as if exotic wines and elegantly tasty food wasn’t enough, Gusto are now introducing a hump day offer to help guide you and your friends through the working week.

Italian favourite Gusto brings you a brand new hump day offer I Love Manchester

Every Wednesday, you can grab any pizza or pasta dish and a glass of wine or beer for just £10 at their Deansgate and Didsbury sites.

Choose from a range of Italian meat feast pizzas and veggie-loaded dough goodness such as Gusto favourite, the “Fico” pizza.

Or indulge in some fresh artichoke tortellini and carbonara sauces for that feel-good food fix.

Italian favourite Gusto brings you a brand new hump day offer I Love Manchester

In the mood for some liquid refreshment? Pair your mid-week munchies with a menu full of fruity wines from around the world, including a northern Italian Chardonnay ‘Dragon’ from Piedmont and Pinot Noir all the way from sunny New Zealand.

Sweet spicy classics offer the perfect accompaniment for your hump day meal out, along with crisp beers to help you forget your desktop troubles.

So forget the supermarket meal deals and pre-prepared packed lunches and treat yourself and your friends to an evening of indulgence.

The days of wallowing at home on Wednesday evenings are over so break up your week with a night of giggles and good food at Gusto for just a tenner.

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