Artist Simon Buckley captured one of this week’s rainstorms on his iPhone – and from the moment he posted the picture on social media he has been inundated with demand for prints.

The photo, which has been likened to a Lowry or Vallette, was taken from Deansgate station at dusk.

Simon is accustomed to working in half light on his award-winning project Not Quite Light for which he takes photographs on an iPhone 6 using the native camera and various apps for post-production.

“It’s a simple way of working,” says Simon. “You have to suffer for your art. You have to suffer for a lot of things in Manchester. But it’s always worth it. I wonder if Lowry would have painted the silhouetted workers at Cornbrook?

The response to the picture of Deansgate has been overwhelming.

“This is mental,” says Simon. “I’m overwhelmed by the response – thank you Manchester and Salford. I got soaked but it was worth it.

“The limited A4 edition has now sold out, but I’m still being asked for prints. For want of further blushing and overcoming Britishness, I’m now onto the third print edition.”

Limited edition prints of the rainstorm photo are available on 12×16 archival fine art paper priced £60. All prints are made using a giclee print process, signed and numbered.


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