Fancy a Saturday night out where you enter into an altered reality where nothing seems quite as it should – but which doesn’t involve the use of mind-altering substances, illicit or otherwise?

The Psychedelic Funhouse is a new immersive event concept launching in London in February 2018 before coming up to Manchester’s Antwerp Mansion on Saturday 14th April on a 13-date national tour.

Guests will embark on a four hour, kaleidoscopic adventure via altered realities, surreal experiences and other worlds – each with mind-bending entities.

The event will feature psychedelic walkways, playgrounds of illusion and trippy projection rooms, culminating in a music-led club scenario to dance the weirdness away – but without a magic mushroom in sight.

Quirky characters and performers will interact with guests as, over four hours, they make their way through The Psychedelic Funhouse, before finally stepping into the club zone to dance themselves back to reality with the help of house, trance and drum & bass beats.

Minds will be altered when guests enter into the many wonky worlds inside the venue, including the UV Gnome Man’s Land, the trippy projection room or when they climb aboard the swirling playground roundabout.

With lots of added extras such as psychedelic body paint dips, confettiand trippy UV face painting, The Psychedelic Funhouse promises to be one of the most surreal nights out ever.

Founder Nathan Reed said he wanted to come up with a brand new event concept that bridged the gap between a total immersive event and a club night.

“The main attractions of The Psychedelic Funhouse are the trippy worlds that people will make their way through over four hours, before ending up in a club-style environment. On the journey they’ll be met with many weird and wonderful surprises along the way!”

Tickets for selected shows are now on sale from £14.99. For those yet to go on sale, you can register for further info here.

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