If you like to scare yourself silly at Halloween, this should be right up your alley.

Offering up atmospheric creepiness in spades, Breakout’s escape room inspired by the Saw films is guaranteed to get your adrenaline pumping.

Fans of the terrifying movie saga can step straight into the iconic slasher film this Halloween and try their luck against the sadistic Jigsaw.

Located down two sets of winding stairs in an abandoned basement room, there might not actually be a masked figure on a trike coming to get you, but the whole thing is pretty unsettling nonetheless.

Imagine waking up, captured, in a dark, desolate basement with no idea how you got there. Then a video begins to play and the clock starts counting down. You have just an hour to escape or it’s all over for you.

With a 4/5 difficulty rating, you’ll discover how clever you really are as you battle against the clock to solve cryptic clues and unravel a myriad of puzzles in order to free yourself from Jigsaw’s clutches.

Book in to play Captured at Breakout’s High Street site for a Halloween you won’t forget.


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