Nicole Barber-Lane sparked a flash mob on the streets of Manchester today when she sang and danced to This is Me from the film The Greatest Showman.

Nicole, who plays Myra McQueen in Hollyoaks, organised the flash mob to promote The Strength of a Woman, her upcoming charity show at The Birdcage which will raise funds for The National Autistic Society and children’s charity Variety.

The flash mob, which featured over 50 volunteers, took place in Exchange Square. Members of the public were encouraged to join in.

“The flash mob was organised to introduce the the public to the show which will support children who struggle day to day with autism and their families,” said Nicole.

“I wanted to get up here today for them just to say ‘This is me and I’m good enough’ and hopefully encourage them to be proud of who they are too.”

“The flash mob was a great success,” said Variety chairman David Jones. “It was lovely to see so many people turn out and volunteer their time to support the organisations. We can’t wait to see the full show now.”

The Strength of a Woman, a celebration of female empowerment, will mark Nicole’s singing debut and will also feature local rising star Alex Lees. All proceeds will be split equally between the National Autistic Society and Variety. Buy tickets here.

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