Hands up who has seen pictures of people throwing brightly coloured powders into the air. Keep your hands up if you’re jealous.

The festival you have seen pictures of is the HOLI ONE Colour Festival. And it’s on its colourful way to Manchester!

The festival combines music with the vibrancy of life in the form of coloured powder in hues Pink Bikini, Violet Secret, Blue Lagoon, Green Planet, Yellow Sunrise and Juicy Orange.

After last year’s foray to Berlin, London and South Africa, the festival will now leave a trail of colour around the UK as it stops in each city, showcasing in Heaton Park on August 2nd from noon until 10pm.

“We’re excited to bring the HOLI ONE experience to Manchester this summer” Alexander Dau, director of HOLI ONE Colour Festivals, said, “Heaton Park is a fantastic location and we’re sure everybody who attends will have a great time.

“The festival is all about making friends, coming together and having an unforgettable experience. Everyone is equal at HOLI ONE and everyone leaves looking the same, covered in safe and quality cosmetic powder, with a smile on their face and some great pictures to remember it all by.”

Who’d want to miss out on a party like that? Not us.


Tickets are priced from £27.99 per person and can be purchased at





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