The European Cycling Challenge is one of the biggest urban cycling events in Europe.

It’s all about encouraging people to use their bikes for leisure and commuting as much as possible. Participants track their bike journeys using the free Naviki App which is available to download now. The further you ride, the more miles you will be adding to Greater Manchester’s total. An online leader board will show the distances travelled for each city taking part across the continent.

The data collected is also forwarded to city planners, giving them real-life information about the real needs of cyclists. It can be used to improve cycling in participating cities. For example, 1000 new bike racks have been installed in Bologna – the city where The European Cycling Challenge started as a small pilot with just 70 people – and a new bike lane in Naples, on what data showed to be the city’s most cycled road.

Help put Greater Manchester on the European cycling map  I Love Manchester

In last year’s European Cycling Challenge, 46,000 people in 52 cities in 17 countries cycled 4,000,000 km. This year Greater Manchester is taking part for the first time, promoted by Transport for Great Manchester in conjunction with cycling partners and stakeholders across the region.

Greater Manchester is an area with great cycling potential. At least 55.4 million bike trips are taken every year and, according to the 2015 Sustrans Bike Life survey, 75% of local people want to see more money spent on cycling.

As many people and businesses as possible are needed to take part to get Manchester as far up the leader board as possible and to put the city on the European cycling map. The competition officially begins on the 1st May 2017 so you’ve got plenty of time to get involved.

Workplaces are particularly encouraged to sign up. Employees will quickly add up those miles by cycling to work.

There will be a weekly draw for cycling related prizes for anyone who has registered and logged at least one journey and cash prizes of up to £300 for anyone who has logged 10 or more journeys over the month.

So why not get yourself or your workplace to sign up?

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