We all love a little witchcraft and wizardry. If your favourite Christmas movie is actually a marathon of all eight Harry Potter films followed by figuring out which Hogwarts house you’ll be sorted into, then we have some great news.

Harry Potter is coming to Manchester. He’ll be flying into Manchester Arena on 8th December. The concert features the film Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets in high-definition, on a giant screen, while a live orchestra performs John Williams’ unforgettable score.

To celebrate all this good stuff, a cocktail has launched which celebrates all that’s good and great in the wizarding world. It’s an exclusive one night affair and it encompasses the art of potion making and all things Potter.

Harry Potter's coming to Manchester - and there's a cocktail to celebrate! I Love Manchester

Salvi’s Prosecco Bar in the Corn Exchange is offering a new special edition cocktail, Liquid Luck.

Dedicated to the Felix Felicis potion from the Harry Potter books, the drink doesn’t contain unicorn blood, hair from a three-headed dog or a phoenix feather due to health and safety regulations but prosecco, passionfruit and plenty of sparkles instead.

Sounds like a delicious concoction of music, magic and muggles. Not muggles, memories. Music, magic and memories.

So pop into Salvi’s and order yourself a Liquid Luck on 8th December 2017. It’ll be gone by the next day.

Wingardium leviosa and all that jazz.

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