Manchester is a cosmopolitan city. A city that embraces its multicultural demographics. Therefor, caters for those people wanting to get/keep that holiday feeling.

Holidays are sociable, but back home it is tea in front of the TV and Coronation Street.

Psychological studies show that people with a decent social life and a sense of community are happiest. It’s not always where you go, it’s the people you’re with. However, if you have both; you’re onto a winner.

People don’t usually stay on the satellite on holiday, that’s why they return to choc-a-bloc voicemail and email. The obvious factor of being on holiday is the sun. That vitamin D that gives you the feel-good element. We can’t guarantee the sun here in Manchester, but what we can be sure of is a good time. So, once you’ve got your meeting time, place in order and everyone’s together, switch that phone off.

Our night ‘hot-spots’ are probably the best in the world. Have you ever been out on the town and felt like you could be anywhere in the world. It’s the ambience, atmosphere, music, drinks, design, and generally the clientele that make a night unique.

There are groups and organisations in the food & drink industry of Manchester that go out their way to cater for you. With drinks from Flaming Zombies to jugs of Sangria, to tropical surroundings, Manchester has got this, Manchester is the original cosmopolitan city.

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