Personalised Guinness at Waxys

This Manchester pub is creating the ultimate in personalised pints of Guinness – by fashioning an image of your face in the froth.

Waxy O’ Connor’s Irish pub at The Printworks says its the first pub in the UK to offer the service on pints of the black stuff, using Ripples™ Beverage Top Media technology.

You can choose a favourite photo of yourself, a friend or loved one, or a message – which is then “printed” using 100% natural extracts onto foam-topped drinks.

Waxy’s bosses say this is the first time the Ripples device has been used in a pub environment in the UK.

Get a pint of Guinness with your face on it at this Manchester pub I Love Manchester

Dave Molloy from Waxy O’Connor’s in Manchester said: “This new machine enables a photograph to be produced onto the froth in a pint of Guinness or indeed an Irish coffee if you fancy that too. So far logos and customer selfies are proving popular with many people opting for different designs on each pint.

“The Ripples machine is proving to be such a hit that we are now installing them in both Waxy O’Connor’s London and Waxy O’Connor’s Glasgow too so our customers can enjoy an enhanced Wonder of Waxy’s all over the UK.”

Get a pint of Guinness with your face on it at this Manchester pub I Love Manchester

The personalised pints are available to buy at Waxy’s Church Bar now (subject to availability) and there’s no extra charge – they’re the same price as regular Guinness pints.

To get your hands on one you just need to upload a photo to the Waxy’s app – that staff can help you with at the pub – pay for your pint and then wait for it to be served.  It shouldn’t be too hard to spot with your face on the top.

The renowned Irish bar opened nearly 18 years ago and is located on Corporation Street in Manchester, just opposite Victoria Train Station.

The venue has a warren of several bars and 9 different areas spread across three levels. Famed for it’s live music and great craic – it claims to serve more pints of Guinness in Manchester than any other venue.

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