Only the second day of the summer holidays and you’ve already run out of ideas to entertain the kids? Breakout Manchester comes to the rescue once again with a unique experience for the entire family.

Imagine you are in the witches and wizards section of the local library. You notice a book you’ve not seen before. Drawn to it, you start to leaf through… and the next thing you know, you wake up in an enchanted forest.

After walking for what seems like hours, and encountering many strange creatures along the way, you find yourselves at a house made of gingerbread and sweets.

Should you enter the house or stay away? Will your sweet tooth get the better of you? Can you escape the trap laid out for you, before the witch returns?

It’s not a Grimm fairytale but Breakout High Street’s new room called Enchanted, available to book starting today and open to the public from the 1st of August.

“We’ve been planning the introduction of this new game for a while now in preparation for the summer holidays,” says Breakout owner Ed Roberts.

“We wanted to introduce something that was both magical, fun and fantastical for the whole family to enjoy together. At a medium difficulty level, the game is well suited to a group of mixed ages and gives players the chance to lose themselves in their imagination inside our new Enchanted room.”

So if you want to bring some magic into your life this summer, be sure to go and check it out. Just be ready to be truly enchanted.


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