The new Manchester Dogs Home rehoming centre opened its doors in October last year – four years after the original building was destroyed in a fire that killed 58 dogs. Now, just 3 months on, the new kennel block is already full of dogs that have been given up for adoption.

The brand new adoption centre, which was made possible through the donations of generous people up and down the country, cost £1.6million to build and has got the sanctuary back in full working order again.

The centre received enough funds to renovate the stray block and update other facilities that were in need of modernisation too.

The new building contains 32 kennels which are all now occupied by pooches waiting to be adopted into their forever home.

The whole of Manchester Dogs Home is currently the main residence for 130 dogs, including those housed in the older buildings as well as the new block of kennels.

“The work is pretty much complete now,” manager Steve Mapley told us. “There are a few teething problems, as with any new building, but they are being ironed out and we are now looking to redevelop some other bits. We are hoping to create an outdoor play area for the dogs – if we can get the funding and grant for it.”

Steve says the centre fills up with unwanted pets before Christmas to make space for puppies.

“Although we aren’t seeing as big as an influx of dogs this year, we have seen a lot of older dogs come in before Christmas to make way for puppies.

“Around Easter time we see a lot of the younger dogs come back in as people realise that it is actually harder work owning a pup than they thought it was going to be. Puppies don’t stay cute and fluffy for very long and they can be quite a lot of work, nibbling on furniture and making a bit of a mess.”

Just under 90% of the dogs are rehomed every year.

“We are very pleased with that figure,” says Steve. “We aim to get all of our dogs rehomed but in the meantime we do our best to make sure that the dogs are very well cared for – like a home away from home.”

So if you are looking for a new best friend to keep you company and would like to give a dog a chance of a happy life, there really are plenty of characters waiting. Here are some of the current longest standing residents of the rehoming centre.

Name: Jet Lee
Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross
Sex: Male
Approx Age: 12 Months Old

Jet Lee is a 12 month old Staffie cross. He needs a committed and patient forever home with no children. Jet is deaf and needs a new family interested in and willing to continue his training. MDH are looking for someone who has had a deaf dog before or who has researched what taking on a dog like Jet entails. Jet loves other dogs and may benefit from living with one in his new home. He loves walking and being on the go, snuggling up and going to sleep with his teddy bear.

Name: Shih Shih
Breed: Crossbreed
Sex: Female
Approx Age: 12 years old

Lovely old girl Shih Shih needs to find a home soon. She is very friendly and came into Manchester Dogs Home with a poorly leg. Kennels are not the place for her to get better so she needs a cosy home where she can be nursed back to health and where someone will love her for the rest of her life. She needs a fairly calm home, ideally where she is the only per so she can rest. Shih is a little on the tubby side which isn’t helping her poorly leg so she needs help to shed a few pounds too. She only requires short walks and perhaps a nice garden to potter round in.

Name: Eddie
Breed: Crossbreed
Sex: Male
Approx Age: 6 Years old

Eddie is a lovely little chap who came from Romania to find a new home. He has spent a lot of his life in a shelter so will need a patient and understanding new home. He is around 6 years old and would suit a fairly quiet home with no younger children. Eddie needs to be the only pet in his home as he isn’t really a fan of other pets. He loves going for his daily strolls and walks nicely on a lead.

Name: Emily
Breed: American Bulldog
Sex: Female
Approx Age: 7 Years old

Emily is a 7 year old American Bulldog. She arrived at the home as a stray and was never claimed. She is a really sweet girl, very friendly and loves to give plenty of kisses. She’s  good with other dogs and can be rehomed with another dog in the house. She enjoys spending time out of her kennel and going for walks.

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