Celebrations are in order: Zouk has just introduced a serious steak menu.

The restaurant has already got the perfect set up to deliver juicy, succulent steaks thanks to their built-in charcoal grill. After eating many a Josper-cooked steak at, for example, the lovely Hawksmoor, we’ve all got a bit excited about that juicy-yet-charred style of steak now becoming available with an Indian twist.

The new menu encompasses a range of steak cuts, all locally reared and butchered in Greater Manchester. Choose from premium cuts including huge tomahawks, cote de boeuf, porterhouse, T-bone, fillet and sirloins. And rest assured that whatever you go for, the restaurant will cook it perfectly to your taste.

Marinated in a range of Eastern herbs and spices, before being cooked to your liking over the restaurant’s hot charcoal grill, is what sets apart Zouk’s steak menu from their competitors.

Traditionally, offering steak may have been considered an unusual move, considering that many Indians don’t consume beef as part of their religious beliefs. However, Zouk is a modern Indian restaurant that has listened to popular demand and isn’t afraid to be bolder (and less conventional) in its offerings.

After all, whilst you can already enjoy a premium steak at a number of restaurants in Manchester, at Zouk you can enjoy a steak with an Indian twist.

Each steak on the new menu comes served with a sauce of your choice, alongside accompanying chips and seasonal veg. Cute little chantenay carrots, fresh green beans and tenderstem broccoli are the order of the day, lightly seasoned with just the right amount of green to brighten up your day.

There are also a variety of sauce options. Whether you’re after something classic for your sauce, such as the traditional peppercorn, or you’re keen for something exotic – or even just something simple, mild and creamy – Zouk have got you covered.

Founder Tajub Amajad isn’t one to do things by halves and it shows on this new steak menu. 

So next time you find yourself craving a bit of red meat, try something different and do it Indian style at Zouk. You won’t be disappointed.


Great Northern Warehouse Manchester

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