Quizzes have continued to provide fun and enjoyment for many people across the United Kingdom who test their depth of general knowledge against others in order to come first. As the quiz format has always been more about taking part than winning, it has remained a perfect event for groups of friends and family members to get together in a social activity which everyone can participate in and have a good night. Pubs have remained the prime location for a quiz which has created a culture for drinking whilst answering questions. Although participants do not have to drink alcoholic during a quiz event, they provide a level of social interaction that allows local to come together, meet each other and participate against each other in a battle of mental skill and knowledge. Participants still have the option of going to their local pub to enjoy a quiz, but upcoming Manchester speedquizzing events provide the perfect opportunity to sample the future of quizzing

The technological quiz

The recent emergence of a speedquizzing app has effectively transformed the future of quiz events with the integration of smartphone and tablet technology showing the way forward from the traditional methods of pen and paper. Although writing down answers has served a purpose for a number of years, the invention of handheld devices has raised concerns over the possibility of cheating through accessing information or answers via a wireless internet connection. The modern alternative to quizzes not only provides a more interactive and cheat-free form of event, but also increases the speed element in a controlled fashion that creates more opportunities to score points through fast thinking and good reaction times.

How the app works

Each of the upcoming speedquizzing events in Manchester will require a member from each team to download the speedquizzing app on their tablet or smartphone. Their handheld device is then effectively transformed into a key pad that is similar to those seen on television game shows, with participants being able to answer each round of questions via touchscreen technology. Each round of questions may involve a different method of answering, with the app being tailored to effectively answer each question. Every smartphone and tablet device is wirelessly connected to a computer or laptop used by the quiz host who not only ensures the speed quiz runs smoothly, but also keeps tabs of the scores electronically and filters information to and from the hub. Multi-choice questions provide each team with the choice of A-D; spelling questions offer a keyboard to type the name out and enter sends the answer to the host; number-based questions bring up the number keyboard and works in the same principle as spelling questions; picture rounds and buzzer rounds require teams to tap their handheld device in the fastest team and then shout the answer out loud.

Upcoming events

Manchester’s vibrant nightlife is the perfect location for a speedquizzing event that is likely to be thoroughly enjoyed by the locals. The Printworks is one of the most popular urban entertainment areas in the country, with a number of bars, restaurants and clubs providing many nights of enjoyment for local residents and tourists. Manchester is packed with a number of traditional pubs and contemporary bars which offer something for everyone and, more importantly, provide excellent venues for speed quiz events to be held. The Speed Quiz event at the Sawyers Arms on Thursday 27th February begins at 8:30pm with a minimum age of 18 for all participants and £2 entry fee for every team. Each team can consist of up to eight people, with teams playing for a first prize of a gallon of ale and the runners-up receiving a meal for two at the pub. The Farmers Arms (9pm start) is also hosting a speed quiz event on the same night, with other options available across Manchester including The Railway pub (Sunday 2nd March, 9pm start) and Blue Bell (Thursday 6th March, 8:30pm start).

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