Whilst Bryn is enjoying his last few days of honeymoon, I once again hijack his column to chat to you our dear readers. This week I thought I’d chat briefly about the other element that makes a good restaurant – service.

“It’s not just about going the proverbial extra mile…”

I’ve been fortunate to work and eat in some of the very best restaurants which gives me a very educated view on what makes good service. But don’t be fooled into thinking the most expensive food means the best service. Oh no. Some of the best service I’ve had has been in small family restaurants [where I started] as well as some of the more familiar chains.

Full Flavour Behaviour by James Cunningham I Love Manchester

It all depends on what you are looking for. Avid I Love MCR readers will note Chadders enjoys more than a night out or five a week. And she goes to all sorts of places ..and it is in all sorts of places that you may well find great service.

“…it may be changing a dish to suit a guests desires or diet…”

But what is it? In my personal [and professional opinion] it’s warm, it’s welcoming. It’s about not going the proverbial extra mile, it’s about going the marathon. Doing whatever it takes to make your customer happy, and more importantly wanting to return. Nothing makes me happier than creating [what my team hear me bang on about] what I call ‘water cooler moments’. Service and food so good in a restaurant you HAVE to tell everyone at work the next day [water cooler not provided!]

Full Flavour Behaviour by James Cunningham I Love Manchester

This can be through just chatting and getting to know your guest, it may be changing a dish to suit a guests desires or diet, mixing their favourite drink thought it’s not on the menu.. but what it always must be, is making that guest feel like they are the only guest in the restaurant. Now I’d love to say we achieve that each and every time, byut every restaurateur out there would know I am lying.. but here at Cafe Bar & Grill by Michael Caines at the ABode we do strive to get it right most of the time.

Next week the famous Welshman will be back, tamed by his wedding we hope!

Until then I hope I can look forward to welcoming you through our doors.. FFB!

James Cunningham
Restaurant Manager

Cafe Bar & Grill by Michael Caines at ABode Manchester

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