It’s a couple of weeks into the new academic year and students will all be settling down into their studies, meeting lots of new friends, joining new societies, experiencing the night life that Manchester has to offer and managing to avoid the freshers flu.

“Freshers flu? That’s a myth isn’t it?”

Any member of the university staff will tell you that freshers flu is no myth, it affects both students and staff every year. Most students get it at least once during their time at university.

A combination of eating too much junk food, excessive alcohol, late nights and socialising with different people from around the world contribute to the production of those vile germs.

So, what symptoms should you look out for? General grogginess, a sore throat, sneezing, coughing, shivering, headaches and a fever. Could be mistaken for an alcohol induced coma, but freshers flu will throw a student into the depths of self-pity.

Those affected need to be realistic about whether they are fit to attend classes. A runny nose and a sore throat is hardly a good enough reason to be AWOL. However, a fever and a lesson in coughing up mucus all over the classmates is. It’s advisable to stay tucked up in bed with a lemsip and be entertained by Jeremy Kyle.

One sure fire way to lose friends is to turn up to lessons infecting peers and the lecturer.

Overcoming freshers flu requires patience and taking care of oneself. Stocking up on paracetomal products, berroca and drinking plenty of water will aid a speedy recovery. Rest, avoid alcohol and a bowl of chicken soup will also fight those lurgy symptoms.

Failing that, fleeing back to the doting arms of a loving mother will make anyone feel better and offloading some washing at the same time is one less worry on the road to recovery.

Stay healthy!

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