Speed-mating: Tackling loneliness

'Speed-mates - not speed-dates'... Helping young women make new friends. ❤️

Posted by BBC Lifestyle & Health News on Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Have you moved to Manchester and finding it hard to meet new people?

Some people find it easy to make friends at parties or nights out. However if you’re a newbie or someone who’s a little shy then this experience can be daunting. Being a bit of a closet introvert myself, I can only imagine the anxiety of being thrown into a room of complete strangers and having to make conversation.

Maybe you genuinely want to find your best girl pal or perhaps you just fancy having a couple more peeps on your Facebook friends list. Either way, speed mating might well be for you.

Unlike with speed dating, you can rest assured that your new partner isn’t going to try and get you back to his bedroom, ply you with alcohol or get your Insta handle so he can slide into your DM’s later in the evening. This isn’t a hookup. It’s about making new friends.

Forget Tinder: your ultimate Girl Gang party has hit Manchester I Love Manchester

Speed mating takes the discomfort out of the situation. There are ice-breaker bingo style cards which encourage conversation and help you find your soul mate.

Find someone else who likes 80s love ballads, who can recite the Fresh Prince rap or who also has a bit of a secret crush on Patrick Swayze from Dirty Dancing.

You’ll find people from all walks of life. There will be music, cocktails and plenty of all around good vibes. There will be grade A tunes from pop to punk to all around classics.

So if you fancy singing your heart out to Taylor Swift with a bingo card in one hand and a cosmo in the other and potentially making friends for life, you might have just found your perfect place to party.

It’s a warm, friendly, fun event where everyone is welcome and all manner of questionable dance moves acceptable.

The fact is you are all there for one reason and that is to make friends. You might find your ultimate girl pal who’s always there when you break up with your bloke for the umpteenth time.

This is what makes it great.

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