Greater Manchester Town Hall Trek

Forever Manchester provides funding for grass-root community projects across the 10 boroughs of Greater Manchester.

We’re holding this fantastic fundraising event by asking a very special person to run to each of the beautiful town halls in our great region and help to demonstrate the impact and reach of Forever Manchester.

  • Bolton
  • Bury
  • Rochdale
  • Oldham
  • Tameside              
  • Stockport
  • Manchester
  • Salford
  • Trafford
  • Wigan 

It’s up to you which route you’d like to run between each town hall but we want the run to finish at Manchester Town Hall and we want to see photos of you at each town hall confirmed with a date and time so we know it’s been completed between 24th October and 6th November 2022.

Dress up, have fun, make a noise – and  – best of all fundraise to support a great cause.  

Your fundraising will help to support community projects that help to make our communities happier places to live.

It will help to support local community projects such as junior football teams, scout groups, food banks, homelessness projects, knit and natter groups and mental health support groups and many more.  

Plan and take the route of your choice.  Here’s an idea of routes and distances.

  1. Wigan Town Hall to Bolton Town Hall 10.5 miles
  2. Bolton Town Hall to Bury Town Hall 6.5 miles
  3. Bury Town Hall to Rochdale Town Hall 7.1 miles
  4. Rochdale Town Hall to Oldham Town Hall 6.5 miles
  5. Oldham Town Hall to Ashton Town Hall (Tameside) 4.1 miles
  6. Ashton Town Hall to Stockport Town Hall 9.4 miles
  7. Stockport Town Hall to Sale Town Hall (Trafford) 8.3 miles
  8. Sale Town Hall to Swinton Town Hall (Salford) 8.4 miles
  9. Swinton Town Hall to Manchester Town Hall 5.5 miles

66.3 miles 

The participants must take all necessary precautions to ensure the route they choose to take is safe and accessible and ensure they plan the activity to allow sufficient time, take food and drink and ideally be accompanied.

You’ll be featured on the I Love Manchester website and the Forever Manchester website and across social media channels with over 500,000 followers.

You can help to make a real difference in your local community.

Get involved.

Make a difference.

How to apply

  1. Fill out the application form before 1 Sep 2022;
  2. You can apply to as many challenges as you want and the I Love MCR Charity Foundation will determine the candidate taking on the challenge
  3. Wait to be notified by the I Love MCR Foundation
  4. A member of the I Love MCR team will support you throughout your journey and assist in every step of the challenge;
  5. Donate and fundraise* via our official online fundraising partner, Givegain;
  6. Find your inner power, complete the challenge within the allocated timeline and become a champion.

*The challenger is encouraged to spread the word about the challenge to their networks, fundraise and encourage people to donate, however, I Love MCR will be promoting the initiative and helping to gather donations.

Terms and conditions

  • You can be supported by anyone on this journey
  • The person doing the challenge will need to send in proof of running and a screenshot of the watch showing 66.3 miles that have been requested
  • You will be expected to submit selfies throughout your running journey
  • The person accepting the challenge does it in their own time and the organisers and charity will not be liable in the event of any injuries or extra expenses 
  • You will need to commit to attending a video shoot with I Love MCR to help promote your challenge attempt.
  • A member of I LOVE MCR will get in touch with the person selected and will help coordinate the challenge 

Forever Manchester Charity Challenge

Forever Manchester is supported by the I Love MCR Charity Foundation and championed at the I Love MCR Power Awards

Who are we

Forever Manchester is the only charity that raises money to fund and support community activity across Greater Manchester. We believe that connected communities make stronger, happier communities, so we love any activity that brings people together.

In every neighbourhood across Greater Manchester there are thousands of people involved in community activity. In fact, at any given time there are an unbelievable 20,000 local grassroots projects of varying sizes and interests taking place. These activities are the lifeblood of our neighbourhoods, they are happening right now on our doorsteps, and they are being run by people who give up their precious time to make our communities happier and safer places to be.

What we fund

Forever Manchester cares about those people who care enough to act. We champion local people doing extraordinary things together. And when advice, encouragement and funding is needed, Forever Manchester is there to provide a hand up to support them.

Since Forever Manchester was established in 1989 we have delivered over £53 million into local communities, benefiting 1.2 million people.

Our vision

All of the money raised for Forever Manchester is used to fund and support over 1,000 community projects each year. This means we will have supported community activity within one mile of your home or business if it’s in Greater Manchester supporting everything from junior football teams to homelessness projects, knit and natter groups to domestic violence support groups, scouts, brownies, food banks and mental health support groups.