Europe’s largest sushi chain has today opened its first ever Manchester site in Debenhams, catering for fish lovers, vegetarians and vegans, as well as offering ‘no raw fish’ options.

Founded by Kelly Choi, Sushi Daily creates fresh, handmade Japanese-inspired food in more than 700 locations across Europe. The first branch opened in Lyon, France in 2010.

The in-store concession in Debenhams on Market Street will be Sushi Daily’s first department store partnership, having already opened sites in Waitrose, Sainsbury’s and Asda across the UK.

The new in-store sushi kiosk offers a theatrical dining experience, with an open kitchen showcasing the preparation of whole fish and the art of sushi-making.

There are two dine-in menus, exclusive to Debenhams, which include modern and traditional Japanese-inspired dishes featuring authentic maki, crunchy onion topped rolls and spicy shichimi seasoning.

The dine-in menus can also be enjoyed with a glass of prosecco, which is included in the price.

Europe’s largest sushi chain arrives in Manchester bringing Japanese-inspired dishes and fizz I Love Manchester

The first menu includes 18 pieces with two glasses of prosecco for £15. The second menu includes 30 pieces for three people and includes three glasses of Prosecco for £32.

“We’re excited to put down roots in vibrant Manchester and we’re very eager to meet the local foodies,” said Daniel Coole, managing director of Sushi Daily UK.

“This is a great opportunity for us to work in partnership with Debenhams, introducing our delicious and innovative sushi menu to the city.”

Debenhams hope the new sushi kiosk will offer something a bit different to the city.

“Manchester has a vibrant food scene and so we’re delighted to welcome Sushi Daily into our flagship Manchester store with their delicious menu,” says Debenhams’ Sam Shutt.

“The offering adds real theatre to the store and will be sure to excite shoppers whether it’s for a quick snack or lunch. 

“There is something for everyone on the Sushi Daily menu, so it was an obvious choice for us to have in-store.

The rise in popularity of sushi and Sushi Daily’s emphasis on freshness, uniqueness and reduction in waste, means that the business provides a different level of care and quality to the rest of the high street and we’re really looking forward to being able to officially welcome the team to our Manchester store.”

Sushi Daily is open now in Debenhams, Market Street.


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