Dough Pizza Kitchen is an award winning restaurant bringing a fresh slice of pizza, style and choice to Manchester’s Northern Quarter.

Situated in the heart of the city’s independent creative district, Dough offers a contemporary approach to pizza and fuses family friendliness with urban cool to create a unique, affordable dining experience.

We was dressed smartly, bathed in red light and smiles! Ready to hit the town after a non-overfaced fill.

The toppings were spicy, fresh and were handily placed across a delicious stone-baked base. Living up to their name, it was the base which really separated Dough’s pizza from other Italian joints in Manchester and even it’s national chain rivals. The service was brilliant and everything we ordered came quickly – a gift ’cause everyone was ravenous!

The average price of the set sized pizzas are around £8. Y’can’t grumble with those prices. The fact you can just wander in from the high street without booking, makes it a safe bet if you happen to be in the Northern Quarter and get peckish. Which goes with the whole cool, relaxed, casual setting of the place.

If nothing else, Dough is a lesson on the importance of marketing. Dough’s combination of both decor and branding gives it a New York Art Deco look which achieves a welcoming ambience.

Dough is certainly the most exciting and vibrant place you’ll eat a pizza in Manchester on any given night. It’s fresher, cheaper, more stylish, more romantic… heck it’s more fun.


75-77 High Street, Northern Quarter, Manchester M4 1FS


0161 834 9411

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