It’s common knowledge that to create a sustainable future we need to change the way we use single use materials such as plastics.

Research conducted by Plastic Oceans International has revealed that packaging accounts for just over 40% of plastic usage and 50% of plastic is single use.

So Fay Watts decided to take matters into her own hands. She has opened a zero waste shop selling eco-friendly products.

Nothing unusual about that, except The Dispensary isn’t in Chorlton or West Didsbury or Levenshulme. It’s in Walkden in Salford.

The people behind The Dispensary are a local Salford couple ‘who care about the environment’.

Part-time primary school teacher Fay Watt and art gallery manager husband Ed share the same passion for sustainability and say they respect the Earth ‘just as much as people from Chorlton and Didsbury’.

“We launched The Dispensary Salford as we were fed up of having no access to zero waste stores in Salford,” said Fay.

“We are by no means doing zero waste perfectly but we want to offer a friendly and non-judgemental service to help people get started.”

The shop offers everything household from bamboo toothbrushes and cutlery to eco hand soap and washing up liquid. And because all liquids and lotions are refillable, it’s not just eco-conscious – it’s also a more affordable way to shop.

The official launch of the shop at The Ellesmere Centre in Walkden yesterday was attended both by the eco-conscious and just plain curious individuals.

New customer Michelle Johnson said “It’s brilliant! Loads of great eco-friendly refillable products from shampoo to washing up liquid. The staff were really friendly and helpful. I’ll definitely be going back with some containers to get refilled.”

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