Dig the City are fast becoming the Willy Wonka of gardening. The urban gardening festival which is extremely imminent (2-5 August) is taking PR to blooming brilliant heights with a collection of haute hats. Made entirely of flowers.

The five masterpieces, which are made up of a beautiful array of flowers, were created overnight by floral genius and owner of Venus Flowers Lisa Dickinson:

“I must admit, I was a little daunted by the challenge, and it did cause me a very sleepless night -but once we got started on the planning it was really liberating and hugely fun,” she explains of her exquisite hats.

The hats were worn by five models of Agenice models, who also donned understated clothes and make up from House of Fraser.

Last year saw a 75 tree pop-up forest along with the show gardens, and by the looks of it, this year’s festival is set to be just as wacky and beautiful.

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