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Manchester has re-invented itself as a hotbed of arts and culture. Our creative city is brimming with love for the arts. It’s bursting with enough galleries, museums, concert halls, libraries, and theatres to keep the most devout culture vulture happy and more festivals than you can shake a stick at.

MancBook Review: Sirens by Joseph Knox

Morrissey could be right. So we've taken a leaf out of his book and started our very own book club. But not just any...

MancBook Review: The Story of Manchester by Deborah Woodman

The trouble with attempting to tell the story of Manchester from the Roman occupation to the present day is that, for more than 1,000...

MancBook Review: 1963 A Slice of Bread and Jam by Tommy...

In the words of a certain Mancunian: “There's more to life than books, you know. But not much more.” Morrissey could be right. So we've taken a...

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