Independent UK brewer BrewDog has started making their own hand sanitiser amid shortages across the UK.

Founder James Watt made the announcement online, adding that the company was “working around the clock” to have its first batch available for next week.

In true anarchic punk fashion, these sanitisers will not be sold but given freely to charities and communities across the country.

Hand sanitiser of 60% alcohol or above has been noted as key in combating spread of the coronavirus, with advice being to use an alcohol rub if unable to wash your hands with soap and water.

As a response to this, stockpiling by members of the public has led to huge shortages in stores. So the brewer is doing its bit to help out by creating its own.

A number of stores and chemists have now put limits on the amount of hand sanitising gels people can buy. At the same time, producers are struggling to source enough ingredients and small bottles to renew production.

HMRC has said that it’s prioritising applications from companies wanting to produce denatured alcohol, a key ingredient in hand sanitiser, to temper this shortage.

But for the time being, it seems that independent breweries and distilleries are the ones leading the way forward on this as others such as Verdant Spirits in Dundee, Bristol’s Psychopomp Microdistillery and 58 Gin in London start work on similar products.

Manchester distilleries – time to step up to the plate.

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