Imagine walking into a human library where the books are people, ready to share their stories and hard-hitting life experience with you. Well, now you can.

Heineken have partnered with charity The Human Library to bring the message ‘there is more that unites than divides us’ to cities across the UK.

It’s part of their Open Your World campaign and it’s coming to Manchester.

Every book in The Human Library is a real person with an extraordinary background – from street sleepers, to refugees, to people with mental health issues. People you may have so many questions for, but never have had the opportunity to talk to.

The Open Your Mind event makes these human books available for you to interact with inside a relaxed pub environment.

This bottled beer brand is bringing people together in Manchester I Love Manchester

The aim is to give people the chance to talk to someone who they may not otherwise get the chance to talk.

Step away from the technology and take this opportunity to listen to some real stories. The Manchester event will include people from a number of backgrounds and subcultures open for conversation.

This includes individuals from across the gender spectrum, someone suffering from depression, a victim of stalking, a person from a Muslim background, someone dealing with bereavement and many more.

Do beer and books go together? Heineken prove they do – and encourage people to discuss their differences and share stories over a drink. It’s set to be fascinating.

So why not share a drink and start breaking down some barriers?

The event will be open to media, bloggers and residents of Greater Manchester on a first come, first served basis, so be quick.

Email to request one or two spaces. Share your Twitter handle too, and they’ll DM you extra details.

Heineken Human Library, Bird I’th Hand, Flixton Road, Urmston, Greater Manchester, M41 5DN 29th September 2017

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