How far are you willing to go for the sake of your looks?  For some folk, nothing is too extreme or painful when it comes to wanting to look their best.

Manchester is keeping on trend with the weird and wonderful regimes that are taking the A-List circuit by storm. The quest for younger looking skin seems to be a never ending process.

Unfortunately it doesn’t seem like penis facials, urine facials and bull semen conditioner have made it to Manchester just yet. But we have found some weird and wonderful things for you to be getting on with for the time being.

So forget those boring old traditional beauty regimes and facials. Bird muck facial or a coffee enema anyone?

Vampire Facials

From Kim Kardashian to TOWIE stars, celebrities love their vampire facials. The technical term is platelet rich plasma therapy. A treatment that was originally created to help people with scarring burns across their body, this is essentially a regenerative therapy which uses nothing but your own blood to make skin more youthful and visibly radiant.

There are two different process but both start with blood being taken from your arm and put into a centrifuge machine which separates the plasma from the red blood cells. The platelets become “activated” which spurs the release of growth factors which are then either injected into your face or put into micro holes which have been created by a derma-roller.

So if you want to try and reverse the ageing process you could give smothering yourself in your own blood a try. The process takes approximately 1 hour and prices start from £250 depending on which method you use.

You can get a vampire facial at Mc Aesthetics in Whitefield.

Nightingale Bird Poo Treatment

Raising a fair few eyebrows and turning the occasional stomach is the nightingale bird poo facial. Also known as the uguisu facial, apparently it’s one of Victoria Beckham’s favourite treatments.

The unique ingredient is said to leave skin with a healthy shine as it acts as an exfoliate. Dried under UV lights, the poop is mixed with rice bran and water and applied as a face mask.

A non-needle steam derma-roller, which cleanses and opens your pores, is followed by a face massage to improve the production of collagen. Then it’s time to apply a combination of the nightingale powdered muck mixed with rose water. Hey presto, say hello healthier and younger looking skin.

Vivo Clinic in Manchester has combined this unusual but effective treatment with pioneering facial technology for a procedure they claim clears the skin, reduces pores/blemishes and gives a unique glow.


Cupping is a Chinese therapy where suction cups are placed over your body for a few minutes, creating something that looks like it belongs in a horror film.

If positioned in the correct places, benefits are said to include increased blood flow and pain relief and the treatment has been rumoured to help with fertility problems and sciatic nerve pain.

Celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston and Justin Bieber are partial to a bit of cupping. So if it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for us.

Prices start from £40 per treatment. Available here.

Snail Slime Micro Needling

When snails get agitated they excrete a thick fluid to protect themselves. The slime is said to be packed full with nutrients which can provide great benefits to your skin.

Experts claim that snail slime contains a powerful antioxidant and can reduce acne and scarring. It has soared in popularity with some of the latest creams and serums containing it and spas across the country offering snail slime facials and micro needling.

The use of snail gunk actually dates back way back with Greek physicians allegedly prescribing a formula of snail mucin and sour milk to resolve skin inflammation.

The procedure is basically a facial cleanse and steam. You are then rolled with a microneedle roller creating thousand of tiny micro-holes. Then the essence of snail slime is massaged in.

So if you want rejuvenated skin like Katie Holmes or Drew Barrymore, get a bit of snail mucus on the go. Available at Vivo Clinic.


You could be forgiven for thinking this is a treatment that makes you cry. Cryotherapy actually involves being sprayed with ice-cold liquid in a bid to get thinner and shed some pounds. So maybe it’s aptly named.

One treatment involves entering a chamber which is as cold as -130 for 3 minutes in just your pants. It is said to speed up injury recovery, reduce muscle tension, help with weight loss and even claims to have anti-ageing capabilities

It is used as a non-invasive alternative to liposuction to help blast fat by revving up the body’s metabolism to produce heat. It can also be used on specific parts of the body without the need to enter a baltic chamber.

And it can help burn 800 calories in just one three minute session – great for anyone who wants a quick mid week calorie cut.

Available at Ainscow Hotel Spa priced £90 per session.

Coffee Enema

Anyone for coffee? A coffee enema is a basically a cleanse of the colon. It’s a backwards way of drinking coffee. A mixture of brewed and caffeinated coffee is inserted up the… You know the rest.

The main aim of this colon clearout is to detox the liver and encourage it to produce more bile. It is also said to boost the immune system, remove accumulated toxins and have a noticeable effect on skin and eyes.

This procedure is more effective after a colonic hydrotherapy treatment which – an internal bath that helps reduce constipation and withdraws toxins which can have a dulling effect on your skin as well as making you feel sluggish on the inside.

Available at Complete Health Clinic.

Face Gym

Face Gym is a completely non-invasive workout that targets 40 forgotten muscles of the face.

Choose which areas you would like to focus on – de-puffing, sculpting, lifting, cleaning or hydration. With workouts called Yoga, Face, The Boss and Party Face, it’s clear there are many different end results to be achieved.

These high energy kneading movements performed by expert face trainers claim to tone the muscles and give instantly visible results.

Available at Face Gym at Selfridges intu Trafford Centre. Prices start from £50 per session.

Bee Venom 24ct Gold Facial

Cleopatra was rumoured to have slept in a gold mask to enhance her legendary beauty. As one of the softest metals, gold is readily absorbed by the skin and has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties – as well as the obvious luxury element.

After being cleansed with a gold infused cleanser, followed by essence of pure bee venom, a 24ct gold leaf mask is placed over the face, delivering low-level pulses of light to activate skin cells to help promote anti-aging.

Bee venom tricks your skin into thinking it has been lightly stung, giving you a fresh, youthful and plump appearance.

Thanks to Vivo Clinic, Bruno Mars isn’t the only one who can enjoy 24ct gold facials. Prices start from £100.

Floatation Pods

Not exactly a beauty treatment, but serenity seekers can escape everyday life and lock themselves away in floatation pods filled with a salt water solution. Float Level is home to 8ft x 5ft pods where you can shut yourself off from the outside world, meditate and float.

This experience is said to provide numerous benefits alongside the physical and mental relaxation – and is rumoured to give a boost in creativity and relief from chronic pain. So if you fancy popping into a spaceship looking pod and escaping earth for a bit it will only cost you £35. Or you can float with a friend for £55.

Available at Float Level in Ancoats.

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