This wasn’t an easy list to make. We had to go around some of the best dirty eateries in the city and sample some of the gooiest messiest meatiest burgers they had to offer.

We had sleepless nights thinking about the burgers that didn’t quite make the cut and spent countless hours walking up and down the office deciding on the order.

This might be a slight exaggeration of the truth but you should know that a lot of burgers were eaten in order to compile this list and we are, in fact, burger experts.

It’s a hard job but someone’s got to do it.

So put down that low-fat slice of gourmet tofu and get a load of these instead.

1The Eye-watering One: The Hot as Hell-Mann at Archies

2The Size Matters One: The Big Manc at Solita

Solita burger

3The Streaky Bacon One: B-Rex at Byron

4The Brisket One: Pit Burger at True Reds Barbecue

5The Veggie One: Guac To The Future at V-Revs

6The Epic One: Fricking Hell Mann at Almost Famous

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