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Ardwick taphouse Beer Nouveau has announced plans to open a community cinema inside its brewery space.

Bosses hope to screen cult films on a not-for-profit basis during the week when the brewery tap is closed.

They’re talking about screening more underground selections – ranging from B Movies and black and white classics to more modern classics like Withnail & I.

The atmosphere and setup will be pretty casual, akin to that for screenings of the Six Nations and the World Cup, with bosses saying not to expect cinema seating and silence.

Indeed, they say any cinema-goers should expect their normal seating and be prepared for people getting up to get beers during the film – “as well as some laughing at bad effects rather than jokes.”

A community cinema screening cult films is opening inside this quirky Ardwick brewery I Love Manchester
Photo: Beer Nouveau Facebook

The aim is for the cinema to operate as a non-profit, with different entrance fees for each film dependent on its licensing costs.

These costs would be divided across those who book, with an additional pound added on to cover running costs.

Any additional folks through the door would then add to the club’s kitty, which will be used to upgrade equipment and fund future charity screenings.

The brewery tap is open every Friday from 4pm-10.30pm and every Saturday from 12pm-10.30pm, so movie screenings would take place outside of these hours.

A community cinema screening cult films is opening inside this quirky Ardwick brewery I Love Manchester

Currently, the Beer Nouveau team is looking at a membership scheme for the cult cinema club.

People will be able to suggest films on a dedicated Facebook group and then others can say if they’d come along or not.

But for it to go ahead, they’re first trying to gauge public support for the move, stating: “To get this up and running we’ll need to firstly know that there are enough people interested and prepared for come along and watch crappy films with us.”

The taphouse already has a membership scheme for beer lovers – giving those that sign up priority booking on brewing equipment and discounted prices on brewing ingredients.

Members can also reserve new and unusual test ingredients like experimental hops for their brews and get discounted beers at tap takeovers.

Beer Nouveau is already very community-driven and the new cinema plans would only add to this.

If you support the idea or would like to get involved with running the project, get in touch with Beer Nouveau and let them know. 

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