If 2014 was all about being bronzed and bold, then 2015 will be back to basics and barely there. That’s right— the natural look—with a twist. Orange lipstick and blue liner have been replaced by berry tinted lips and coconut oil. Here are the top beauty trends to help you accomplish the “What, I just wake up like this” look.


Boho chic tussled hair— whether it’s flowing loose waves, or fishtail braids. “Coming undone” styles that don’t look overly polished are a breath of fresh air for those of us who can’t quite figure out how heat style our own locks.

If you are need of something slightly more “put together” opt for the low ponytail with an off centred part.


Berries and pinks have replaced the bold, bright colours of last year. Try applying lip stick with your finger or blotting it on for a softer, but nevertheless, high impact look.


Think “post workout” flush. This year is all about the dewy natural glow. Try coconut oil, or tinted moisturiser for a more fresh-faced look and invest in your skincare regime.

According to Vogue, “the best investment you can make this season is a standing appointment with your facialist.”


We love you Bridgette Bardot— even though you’re kind of crazy. Unfortunately, we are finally letting go of the cat eyes thing. This year, embrace your inner artist. Graphic eyeliner is all the rage. Feel free to add a dash of colour and get creative—you know you want to. The complete lack of rules on this one means, you can’t mess it up.

Beauty trends of 2015: Fresh faced, Beautiful & Oh So Natural I Love Manchester


Negative space manicures. Leave a little nail naked!

With the time you’ll be saving on your hair and make up, you’ll be able to dedicate a bit more to adding a well thought out rock star statement piece or hair accessory to glam up your new found understated elegance.

If in doubt think: minimum effort— maximum effect!

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