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“I was so glad I was born in Manchester.” An interview with Buzzcocks’ Steve...

One of the best bands to come out of Manchester is back in town in October - Buzzcocks. Self-confessed fan Aidan O’Rourke caught up...

Why Manchester was cool even in the sixties

The 1960s may seem like pre-history to many people, an unimaginable era, as foreign, puzzling and irrelevant to today as the 1860s or the...

People’s honest opinions on the best and worst of the changing face of Manchester

Recently I was lucky enough to receive a Civic Champion Silver Award from Manchester Shield. Having photographed and written about Manchester for nearly twenty years,...

The spirit of Manchester – still alive 20 years after the bomb

Aidan O’Rourke has mixed feelings about how the new Manchester has turned out

Castlefield: an oasis of peace in the heart of Manchester

A unique, timeless and peaceful waterside district in the heart of the city...

Four great Manchester pubs and an apology

A free tour of four Manchester alehouses to celebrate International Beer Day...
Peveril of the Peak

Four iconic Manchester pubs – but only two remain

City centre pubs linked by one thing - they have all come under threat.

Why Manchester and Manhattan have lots in common

As well as transporting us to times past, the NQ can transport us across the Atlantic, in spirit at least.

There’s a lot more to Heaton Park than Parklife

Did you know? Heaton Park has the highest point in the city of Manchester.

Central Library: a magnificent achievement, shame about the glazed link

The Central Library isn’t just a place to be admired, it’s a place to be used...

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