Manchester is the home to some of the coolest and unique record stores in the UK. Whether you like them contemporary and well organised or you like spending hours flicking through boxes of records, there’s one for you. With the rise of vinyl sales and several big named business selling vinyl, we HAVE put together a list of the best record stores – not worldwide known stores that sell overpriced vinyls – that are worth a visit, even if it’s just to pick up another copy of Do They Know It’s Christmas?

Clampdown Records

It may look like a jumble sale on the outside but inside Clampdown Records is an Aladdin’s Cave of rare and wonderful records. It’s on Paton Street near Piccadilly Station, so if you’re early for your train you can pop in and grab yourself a bargain. They sell new and used vinyl of the generic vinyl genres (indie, rock n roll, jazz) and also buy vinyl if you aren’t into clinging onto records for a long time.


Eastern Bloc Records

Established by the founding fathers of 808 State, Eastern Bloc has been serving up coffee, cakes and cracking records for anyone who digs electronic and house music. Eastern Bloc is the place to be if you are after rare promos and want to spot some of the biggest DJ’s in the music industry stocking up on records.


Empire Exchange

If you like your records mixed with bric-a-brac then this is the place on Newton Street is for you. It’s a basement full of vinyls, books and memorabilia that would entertain any music fan. Be prepared to spend hours looking at records and don’t go in if you have a certain record in mind – you could go in looking for Unknown Pleasures by Joy Division and come out with The Very Best Of Shirley Temple.

Piccadilly Records

Ask someone to name a record store in Manchester and they will almost certainly say Piccadilly Records. Born in 1978, Piccadilly Records is the home to all sorts of vinyls, all in perfect condition. New Order, Nun, Neil Diamond, Nicola Cruz, whatever you’re after, Piccadilly Records will have it (or they will at least try and find it for you). Be sure to take a pit stop here on Record Store Day.  You can always grab a coffee and a biscuit whilst queuing up, even if you don’t get the record you’re after.


Vinyl Exchange

If Piccadilly Records don’t have it then why not nip across the road – directly across the road – to Vinyl Exchange.  Vinyl Exchange have been offering a large selection of vinyls no matter what your taste in music since 1988. This is certainly the place to head to if you’re after singles and EP’s as they offer one of the biggest ranges of vinyl singles no matter what genre you’re into. Less busier on Record Store Day but still offering a selection of releases, this is the place to be if you don’t want to queue around the Northern Quarter to get into Piccadilly Records and is certainly the place to go for special boxsets and LPs that money simple can’t buy.


Vinyl Resting Place

Based in the vintage emporium that is Afflecks, Vinyl Resting Place is the home of decent records for a decent price. Focusing on second hand records, Vinyl Resting Place is all about spreading the vinyl love and making record collecting more accessible to those on a budget. It’s right next to a cafe so grab a coffee and start digging through those real timeless classics.

Vinyl Revival

Vinyl Revival is dedicated to the Manchester music scene. Whether you want old posters, T-shirts, mugs or records, if you love Manchester music then this is the place to go. Don’t fear, you won’t leave walking like Liam Gallagher and adapting a strong Manc accent. If Manchester music isn’t your cup of tea, Vinyl Revival have a range of ska, punk, soul, indie and rock vinyls. Be sure to pop in here if you are after limited edition records that go like gold dust. They keep them up against their main wall so you can stare at them all day.


Record Store Day is taking place on 21st April so be sure to head into at least one of these shops on the day.


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