Unpopular opinion alert: Valentine’s Day really isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. 

Cupid’s holiday is massively overhyped and, kind of like New Year’s Eve, can often end up being an expensive let down. 

Coupled up or not, if you agree that Valentine’s is a bit cheese then don’t worry. Because we’ve found something else for you to do this week – and it couldn’t BE any better for anti-Valentiners.

Yes, that’s right. All Star Lanes is hosting a Friends-themed quiz night this Thursday and everyone is invited. It’s more Palentine’s than Valentine’s.

Forget all about Valentine’s Day at this Friends-themed quiz night I Love Manchester

Brush up on those famous quotes (“We were on a break”), come armed with your best Friends trivia and, who knows, it could be you taking home the Geller Cup at the end of the night.

Entry is completely free, and if you want to grab a bite to eat there’s also a drink, dine and bowl package available. 

This includes a game of bowling, two courses and a zesty Le Citron Fizz cocktail for £30. 

All Star Lanes has also given its classic cocktails a Friends-inspired twist, with a drink matched to each character’s unique personalities. 

Forget all about Valentine’s Day at this Friends-themed quiz night I Love Manchester

Phoebe’s funkiness is expressed with the Princess Consuela Bananahammock and Joey’s friskiness with the classic that is Sex On The Beach, whilst Chandler’s dry sense of humour is matched with a Whiskey Sour

For Ross, it’s an Old Fashioned, for Monica the Tiki Death Punch, and for Rachel? Le Citron Fizz, because she’s fancy. 

The cocktails are available all week until 16th February. The quiz takes place on Thursday 13th February from 7pm. 

And remember guys, rules help CONTROL the fun – so no cheating. 


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