Manchester. Or is it Venice?

If there’s one thing people care about more than anything else in the internet age then it has to be our love of all things wanderlust – and judging by the growing number of social media travel accounts, that trend isn’t going to change.

It’s no different for us Mancunians either, and whenever somebody boasts about our beautiful city we simply have to give them a follow, especially if our favourite hangout is mentioned. But what sets us apart is that we’re also game for a laugh, so when the opportunity comes up to do both at the same time then you know it’s a must-follow.

That’s exactly the kind of shenanigans that’s going on over on Twitter, with @BestTraveI (that’s an L with an uppercase i) the latest craze to hit the website. So what is it that people are going absolutely mad for?

For starters they have taken the revolutionary idea of adding a caption to an image, but instead of having the two match they use a completely different set of locations and wait for the comedy to ensue. Bamboozled again.

Founded by The Social Chain’s resident content creator Mark Dempsey, the novelty account has amassed over 19,000 followers including Game of Thrones’ favourite enemy, Ramsay Bolton (aka Iwan Rheon).

Here’s what some of you had to say:

The internet is an amazing thing.

If you can think of any more fake Manchester locations, let us know below and we’ll let the internet judge you for the rest of the day.

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