Dreams Come True is celebrating its 30th anniversary with a special ball at the Hilton hotel on Deansgate this autumn.

The charity supports young people aged from two to 21 suffering with serious and life-limiting conditions.

They believe even the smallest dreams can bring a sense of hope and normality, and that’s why they do their best to fulfill as many as possible.

The wishes they turn into reality can be anything from a day at the fair, swimming with dolphins, a holiday or a piece of equipment that will transform a child’s life for a long period of time.  

That was the case for charity volunteer Ian Hill, whose five-year-old son Matthew is suffering with a rare chromosome disorder that causes development delay.

Before he became a volunteer, Ian contacted the charity hoping for their help in getting a specialised travel bed for Matthew.

“At home he has an adapted bed that keeps him enclosed at night so that he can’t wander the house and hurt himself,” said Ian.

“It was impossible to be out of the house, really. We couldn’t go anywhere like visiting family or on holiday because wherever we went he was able to access things that he shouldn’t because he has no awareness of danger.”

Dreams Come True did what they do best and gifted Matthew with the much-needed piece of equipment, a travel air bed with a special net on top of it to keep him secure.

“It was life-changing for us,” says Ian. “After that I got involved as a volunteer, and one of the initiatives was to do a fundraising charity ball.”

Guests at the ball will enjoy a three-course meal and will be welcomed with live music including a rare live harp performance.

Other acts will include a magician doing Derren Brown-style mind reading, live auctions and raffles.

“We’re just looking to raise as much money as possible for these children, with drinking and dancing and all the rest of it,” added Ian.

Dreams Come True 30th birthday ball takes place on Friday 5th October at the Hilton Manchester Deansgate.


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