With 338 bedrooms, each with its own individual character and charm, the four star Macdonald Manchester is the biggest 4* hotel in the city.

The hotel is located in a former office building just two minutes walk from the back exit of Piccadilly train station. You’ve probably gone past it a million times on the train.

Inside you’ll find comfortable stylish bedrooms with sound proof windows you’ll want to sleep in and a beautiful spa you’ll want to detox in.

It also happens to be Macdonald Manchester’s 10th birthday today. To celebrate, we’ve wrangled up some of the quirkiest facts about the place that you might not know. If you can read fact #10 without laughing, we’ll buy you lunch.

1Double double rooms

They have double double rooms, so a double bed for you and one for whoever you would like to share it with.

2Biggest hotel in Manchester

On a typical business day they take in excess of 200 new reservations across various channels.

322,500 steps

On average, one of the hotel’s housekeepers walks 22,500 steps per shift. So if you want a job that keeps you fit, apply within.

4Longest corridors in Europe

Guests regularly skip the hotel gym in exchange for walking swiftly along the corridors – the longest of any hotel in Europe – and up and down the staircases from the 1st floor to the 8th.

5Perfect panoramic Wedding snap

It has a flat roof which provides a unique photograph opportunity for wedding couples.

6Big breakfast

In an average week, they go through around 4,500 eggs and 1,820 sausages on breakfast alone.

7Eggless omelette

Once, the housekeeping manager was asked by a guest to make up an omelette without any eggs.


The hotel is regularly visited by high profile guests from the worlds of music, sports, entertainment and the big screen. Recent guests include Gary Lineker and the pop star Anastacia.

9Bieber ballers

When Justin Bieber played Manchester Arena earlier this year, he took all the rooms on the seventh floor for his entourage.

10Safe come microwave

A guest once informed reception he couldn’t get his food out of the microwave. The hotel’s maintenance manager thought reception must have misunderstood the message as there are no microwaves in the rooms. When he arrived at the room the guest gestured towards the safe where he had placed his ready meal.

One of these facts may be fake. Can you guess which one?

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