Meet the I Love MCR family

Meet the people behind I Love MCR. Like your aunty Sue, who’s not really your aunty, we’re a family.

We’re as Manchester as it gets. A small band of incorruptible, like-minded individuals who share the same passion; love and affection for our city. Some people were born here, some people were drawn here. We are cool, cultured, cosmopolitan – just like Manchester. We love Manchester and we hope you do, too.

Chris Greenhalgh

Chris is a big loveable ginger man. He likes to eat meat and drink red wine. You won’t like him when he’s hangry.
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Stephen Lewis

Stephen was born in Manchester about a hundred years ago. LIKES Raindrops on roses, whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles…
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Mike Strul
Sales Director

Mike walks through walls. Not literally. Die hard Man City fan – he also works part-time at Etihad as a stadium and club tour.
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Amar Chana
Business Development Manager

Amar is basically an Indian He-Man. He’s a hero who rides on the back of a Bengal tiger. We adopted him from Leicester.
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Chris Fielding-Martin
Brand Manager

ChrisFM loves Manchester. He helped build Late Rooms – a local success story – and has headed up content for many booking sites.
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Emily Oldfield
Editorial Assistant

Emily is a lover of music and poetry but mainly Manchester. She wears Dr Marten’s, drinks tea and writes. A lot.
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Daniel Dempsey
Roaming Reporter

Danny is a colourful character who gets in places water cannot. Keen photographer, explorer and acid dropper.
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James Williamson
Social Media Manager

James is a freelance Social Media guru with massive love for food, fashion, sport and Ibiza!
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Adam Pester

Adam is always on the lookout for a decent snap. He loves all the aesthetically pleasing things Manchester offers.
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Sam Belkacemi
Content Marketeer

Sam loves to travel, yet she finds that there’s no place like home – the centre of the universe. Perpetual Instagramer.
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Ray King

Veteran journalist, food & wine writer and public speaker who is proudly born & bred here in Manchester.
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Yvonne Goldsmith-Rybka
Food Writer

Yvonne likes food and wine, big hairy dogs, crime dramas (with a special fondness for Columbo) and a good book.
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Melissa Hay
Events Coordinator

Mel is an adopted Mancunian, originally from Newcastle. She’s health conscious except when it comes to booze. Typical Geordie.
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Tom Ingham

Consuming like a pro – writing with indigestion – Tom is a lover of food & drink. And by drink we mean beer.
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Dave Haslam

Dave is a writer, broadcaster and DJ who DJ’ed over 450 times at the Haçienda nightclub in Manchester.
Follow him on Twitter @Mr_Dave_Haslam

Charlie Hooson-Sykes

Lover of booze and food. Thankfully also likes running, powerlifting and bearded men. Often found in the kitchen at parties, or propping up a bar somewhere in the city.
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Jemima Forbes

Jemima lived in China for a number of years which gave her a different perspective on our beloved city. Part-time model.
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Dane Hume

Dane is partial to the odd Ryan Gosling movie, a rum, football and pursuing his dreams of being a stay at home mum.
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Gareth Lloyd

A freelance writer and journalist from North Wales. Still discovering new magic in Manchester; seven years and counting.
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