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All the best offers and deals in Manchester. There’s an app for that!

Announcing the launch of the I Love MCR App

When you combine the power of mobile technology with the reach and influence of a brand like I Love MCR you know only good things can happen.

We are delighted to announce that the I Love MCR App will be launching this summer.

The I Love MCR App is designed to ensure that all of its users get the most out of the city.

Something for everyone

We have trawled all of the offers websites to find the very best Manchester deals and published them in one place. Now doesn’t that make life easier?

What if I want something a bit different?

We also work tirelessly with all of our partners across the city to develop a range of unique and exclusive offers that we guarantee you will not find anywhere else.

Real exclusives, when they’re gone, they’re gone

Every exclusive is a limited edition offer so don’t hang about.

A little information goes a long way

The I Love MCR App will be your pocket personal assistant, making sure you don’t miss out on anything. Simply complete your profile to get personalised prompts when we match you to an offer.

Members ONLY

When we say members only we mean that everyone is welcome to join but we must manage the numbers – the earlier you apply, the earlier you get in.

Be kind to the city and it will be kind to you

£1 from every member subscription goes to the We Love Manchester Lord Mayor’s charity; it makes you feel good when you give back, especially when you also get access to the amazing exclusives.

What’s the damage?

A fiver (£5) per month.

That’s it. No hidden fees and even if you only go out once a month you will still be saving loads of money.

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Become a partner

Want your venue to become a partner and list an exclusive promotion for all our private members to use? Click here for more information and to apply.