About Manchester

Arguably England’s second city, Manchester is the economic hub of the north with a population of over half a million proud people. A city to pave the way with the wealth of innovations, economy and ideas of society it has produced over the decades. From the city that split the atom, created the programmable computer, from the passenger railway to the world’s first programmable computer and on to the wonder material Graphene and produced countless musical movements, Manchester is a city to be admired and replicated; not just in the UK but worldwide.

Who are we?

I Love MCR® is an independent organisation which was launched in reaction to the infamous riots in Manchester and Salford during the summer of 2011. An antidote to anti-social behaviour, harnessing the energy of the people and expressing our unconditional love for our city.


Out of the carnage came creativity. It all began with a social media and guerrilla marketing campaign and – with the help of Manchester City Council – the brand has become an incorruptible symbol of the city’s resilience, civic pride and a platform for people who love Manchester.

We’re as Manchester as it gets. A small band of incorruptible, like-minded individuals who share the same passion – love and affection for our city.

We are cool, cultured, cosmopolitan – just like Manchester. We love Manchester and we hope you do, too. Meet the team/family. We stand together.

Our heart’s in the right place. Manchester. #WeLoveMCR

What do we do?

We work with the council plus selected charities, partners and sponsors to showcase the city of Manchester to the rest of the UK and the world. This means marketing, events, web, print, photography, video, or indeed any combination thereof. It could be a native feature, an interview with an influential person or a video of an event. Just as long as it’s something which brings people together.

The relationship we have with our readership is very important to us. We’ve been helping to boost the local economy – the economic hob of the north – by encouraging people to use and enjoy the fantastic things our exciting city has to offer.

We love to shout about all the things that make Manchester one of the world’s greatest cities and encourage people to use the city for all its charms. We like to spread the good news and Manchester’s got plenty of it.

With the help of Manchester City Council and using the power of unique and engaging content, we have become a trusted voice.

I Love MCR® fearlessly and optimistically champions a better future for the city. Make love nor war.


Ultimately, we aim to show the world that the people of Manchester are proud of their city.

The now iconic I Love MCR® logo design is based on the New York State Tourism symbol which was a marketing campaign influenced by pop art.

DID YOU KNOW? The Northern Quarter has been used a stand-in for New York in blockbuster movies because of its resemblance to Manhattan.

Why we do what we do

It’s been all me, me, me on this page but rest assured it’s not all about us. It’s the people of Manchester who make it what it is. People like you.

So if you love Manchester – you wouldn’t be here otherwise, would you now – please tell a friend, spread the love and leave people in no doubt that you love Manchester just as much as we do.


Join the movement. Advertise with I Love MCR® and be part of our continuing success story.

Call 0161 710 2665 or email advertise@ilovemanchester.com


  • We encourage use of our symbol so long as it’s not for any commercial gain.
  • We only advertise what we endorse or has benefit to the community.
  • We will not endorse anything of any political or religious nature.
  • We won’t be bribed by money or payment in kind.
  • We are incorruptible – reviews are always impartial.
  • Paid for content is clearly marked ‘Sponsored’.
  • Advertising requires a minimum commitment of 3 months to ensure maximum exposure.

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